Unveiling the Heart: Dancemeditation with Dunya

Come move into the Moment where mind chatter dissolves, your body is loved and healed, and your spirit blossoms.

This workshop will combine curvilinear motion, vibration, and other naturally resonant movement motifs from both modern and ancient mystical (Sufi) movement sources with continual breath awareness to connect our body's inner and outer space and ignite our intuition. Our body uncovers its rhythm and musicality. Our fascia luxuriate in their natural curving form. Thus soothed, we find clarity, and physical and spiritual refreshment.
Unveiling the Heart: Dancemeditation with Dunya
March 3, 2-6pm
Register here! $50 by Feb 15th / $65 after 
Urbanity Dance - 280 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617.572.3727 

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