Bohemian chic in New England {1}

There is still a tiny bit of summer left....thinking about how bring exotic style to life in New England,  perhaps a Victorian orientalist style tea party outside with vintage oriental carpets,  faded damask pillows and  blue and white spode china....

This summer in Maine, I discovered  the remains of a lace factory stuffed into wooden barrels  in Elmer's Barn on Rt. 1. Huge pieces of vintage lace are just waiting to transformed. Originally woven to be table clothes or curtains, this musty lace is now being sold by the pound.  Perfect for making lace teepees, grand curtains or installing a divan area for beautiful dreams. 

“Style is like a muscle; you have to exercise it regularly or you’ll lose it” – Nina Garcia’s Look Book

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veil dance, tea and dreams

Spring Preview: a very special dancemeditation practice session with DM teacher Stephanie
at Urbanity Dance in Boston ~ coming soon

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Glamor Diet {part III}

    How Lisa Fonssagrives world's first supermodel maintained her figure:  'she always insisted on the importance of eating in small quantities. She would at times consume as many as ten tiny meals a day. To her a tiny meal might mean only six grapes, a single slice of cheese, one cracker and half a glass of wine. Always eating, but never anything much, was her motto'

 Green apples green tea & greens, an occasional rose martini,
two liters of water a day....
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Glamor diet {part II}

Kate Moss
 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'  
her glamor diet breakfast:

Wallis Simpson

'you can never be too rich or too thin' 

 her glamor diet breakfast:  earl grey tea and grapefruit juice


glamor diet {part I}

In preparation for spring, Bohemian heiress is presenting a collection of glamor diets:

Diana Vreeland adored Chateldon ''the water of the sun''  a unique water that already in 1650 was supplied to the Court of Louis XIV (the Sun King) in Versailles. It was the first mineral water in France transported in bottles. 
After the initial salty sensation on the tip of the tongue, there is a substantial mouthfeel. There is a pleasant, light presence of carbonation. This naturally carbonated water is slowly filtered through the rocks of the Chateldonnaise mountains (Auvergne) in France and emerges from the spring at a constant temperature of 6˚C.
This water is well known for its diuretic and digestive properties. It is also rich in potassium, sodium and fluorine. In France you can find this water of Châteldon in the luxery hotels....

At Elizabeth Arden's first spa clients had "breakfast in bed on a beautifully laid tray: a pink linen napkin, bone china floral tea cup- no tea, just hot water and lemon-half a grapefruit with a spoonful of blackstrap molasses, a small slice of wholewheat toast and honey, no butter. An old fashioned rose cut from the flowers gardens, placed in a crystal vase, adorned each tray.
'The poor dears get so little to eat I just had to make it all look lovely' said Miss Arden" 
{p. 222 War Paint by Lindy Woodhead}

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Unveiling the Heart: Dancemeditation with Dunya

Come move into the Moment where mind chatter dissolves, your body is loved and healed, and your spirit blossoms.

This workshop will combine curvilinear motion, vibration, and other naturally resonant movement motifs from both modern and ancient mystical (Sufi) movement sources with continual breath awareness to connect our body's inner and outer space and ignite our intuition. Our body uncovers its rhythm and musicality. Our fascia luxuriate in their natural curving form. Thus soothed, we find clarity, and physical and spiritual refreshment.
Unveiling the Heart: Dancemeditation with Dunya
March 3, 2-6pm
Register here! $50 by Feb 15th / $65 after 
Urbanity Dance - 280 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617.572.3727 

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Happy New Year

Celebrated our return to New England
with white flowers, sparklers and saberage of champagne

New Years Eve 2012


Cochinillo Asado
mixed greens with white onions
Pane di Como Antico


Bûche de Noël
images: white rose , sparklers, champagne