glamor diet {part I}

In preparation for spring, Bohemian heiress is presenting a collection of glamor diets:

Diana Vreeland adored Chateldon ''the water of the sun''  a unique water that already in 1650 was supplied to the Court of Louis XIV (the Sun King) in Versailles. It was the first mineral water in France transported in bottles. 
After the initial salty sensation on the tip of the tongue, there is a substantial mouthfeel. There is a pleasant, light presence of carbonation. This naturally carbonated water is slowly filtered through the rocks of the Chateldonnaise mountains (Auvergne) in France and emerges from the spring at a constant temperature of 6˚C.
This water is well known for its diuretic and digestive properties. It is also rich in potassium, sodium and fluorine. In France you can find this water of Ch√Ęteldon in the luxery hotels....

At Elizabeth Arden's first spa clients had "breakfast in bed on a beautifully laid tray: a pink linen napkin, bone china floral tea cup- no tea, just hot water and lemon-half a grapefruit with a spoonful of blackstrap molasses, a small slice of wholewheat toast and honey, no butter. An old fashioned rose cut from the flowers gardens, placed in a crystal vase, adorned each tray.
'The poor dears get so little to eat I just had to make it all look lovely' said Miss Arden" 
{p. 222 War Paint by Lindy Woodhead}

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